Reasons For Wanting To Move To Spain

I grew up in a very hot climate & spent many days on the beach. When my wife & I bought our first property we had a swimming pool installed so many wonderful days were spent outdoors.

Knowing that we can enjoy more of the outdoor lifestyle again for possibly half of the year is extremely appealing. Swimming in a warm ocean & going for a walk in the evenings in just shorts & a T shirt is exactly the life we are accustomed to.

The often dark, grey, wet winter life in the UK may appeal to some. Not us. That said, summer in the UK is really lovely. Snow at Christmas & less sunshine is something you need to have grown up with. We didn’t. I really miss the sun.

The UK has also changed a bit from the wonderful & exciting country it was just 20 years ago. Guess the same can be said of the whole world though. Although most people are extremely pleasant there now, sadly, appears to be a growing aggression towards some people. Luckily this is only noticeable in a very small minority of people. The world is certainly changing.

There is also the feeling that some, luckily again a very small minority, of the senior generation have no real concerns for the younger generation. Many, often retired, people may have taken full advantage of the past agreements & now have their fancy homes, cars, holiday homes & wealth. There is also a tendency amongst some people to suck the welfare, NHS & pension funds dry. In all fairness though, this is something that can be said of many countries.

The UK really is a very beautiful & great country so it’s a shame to see some of the nonsense it goes through. Guess a fish rots from the head down so until we have honest, genuine leadership this downward trend may continue. Truly hope not because we deserve better.

So all said & done, I really enjoy living in Dorset. Most people are great, the countryside & coasts are stunning & it’s been a very good home for many years. If the weather was better then there would be no real reason for wanting to live, albeit only half the year, in another beautiful country like Spain.

Author: Michael

I am just an ordinary guy that grew up in Africa & moved to the UK twenty plus years ago. I have run a number of marathons, including the ultra distance Comrades Marathon. Married with 2 great kids. A competitor in Ballroom & Latin dancing as well.

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