Another UK Week

It’s been another cold & wet week in the UK, often accompanied by very strong winds. Then again, February is always a strange month for weather in the UK but when it’s the 4th or 5th month in a row of miserable weather, it all starts to get a bit depressing.

The last few weekends have been a disaster for going outdoors & although it’s nothing that a lot of warm clothing & accessories can’t solve, it’s just not been easy to get a bit of much needed sunshine & vitamin D.

Hopefully as Spring approaches we will start to see improvements in the UK weather. Let’s hope so as I have been monitoring the difference in temperatures & sunshine hours between Southern England & Northern Spain over the past 87 days. So far, on average, we have had 3.9 hours less sunshine per day & it’s been 6.2 degC colder on average per day. That’s 339 hours less sunshine in that short time alone.

That said I have been in Northern England this weekend so at least I am heading back South later where, apparently, the weather is slightly better.

Author: Michael

I am just an ordinary guy that grew up in Africa & moved to the UK twenty plus years ago. I have run a number of marathons, including the ultra distance Comrades Marathon. Married with 2 great kids. A competitor in Ballroom & Latin dancing as well.

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