The UK Leave Today

Well today is the day we in the UK give up our membership of a club that, I believe, has served us very well. Guess it may please some members, but many of us will probably not be as happy.

It really just makes me want to spend more time in Spain. Hoping to spend many golden years in a country that is intelligent, laid back & warm. Different to the UK in many ways.

Maybe our friends in Scotland gain independence & then rejoin the EU. I say hopefully because being of Scottish descent I can then apply to become a Scottish citizen. The real benefit is freedom of movement which is something that upsets me most above leaving the EU.

So I just need to work a few more years (well quite a few 😎) so that I can afford to retire comfortably half the time in the beautiful UK & the other half in beautiful Spain.

Let the preparations begin with today being day 1.